To Colonize Space

To Colonize Space


Every long term mission needs a mission statement.  The original Star Trek had one – to boldly go where no man has gone before.  And a society I joined in the late 70s had one – to put the first colony in space, specifically the L5 Lagrange point.

There’s a lot of stories to tell surrounding that society and my space colonization interests.  It was one of the first organizations I joined, and space interests were one of the reasons I first got involved in computers – here is a vital piece of what’s needed to launch rockets that I can experiment with myself!

I organized for it, had my first taste of national politics through it (the moon treaty), and even made it in the local paper.   Years later it became the name of a startup company to provide an ISP cafe experience in Seattle in the early 90s while I was there.  The name was chosen by my partner – who was a bit of a con man, from my interests, and stuck long after  I left.  So a lot of stories surrounded this childhood to early adult interest of mine, (the organization ceased to officially exist in the mid 80s by a merger with another), but here it is mentioned because it was part of my original computer experiences.

We are a long way from those times.  Private Space launches and other dreams from those times now exist.  Proposals for space exploration are endlessly floated.  There is an X prize to land a probe on the moon.  Computers are infinitely better then they were then.  Technology has advanced quite a bit. Colonization looks to be on the horizon.

And that is why I choose the picture for this blog:

If I was going to write a letter from myself to L5 today like the one I sent when I first joined the L-5 Society, what would it say?

To be continued.




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